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Take a Break from Screen Time

Let’s face it, for many of us who are now working at home with children, the struggle is real! This isn’t an extended weekend. We’re not on vacation. Establishing the boundaries and expectations for what working and learning at home looks like has been challenging for many - including myself. Beyond setting clear expectations, taking mini breaks from work and learning, I’ve found that creating a screen free choice board has sparked creativity with the teenagers in my house. Not only has the choice board provided opportunities for them to do something together, it has given them a time to connect with each other. To be honest, some of the time, they commiserate together about my ideas, but much of the time, I hear them laughing, talking, and having fun.

So, what exactly is a choice board. In the classroom, a choice board is a graphic organizer that allows children to choose different ways to learn a particular concept. Choice boards are often set up in a grid with varying numbers of squares for choices. I’ve included an example of a screen free choice board that has one choice for each letter of the alphabet. How you use it is up to you! For example, you could ask your child to make two choices a day for one week. Or, maybe one choice each day fits more in with your current schedule.

During stressful times, children need parents and caregivers to be at their best, too. That can be especially challenging right now. If possible, take a break from your screen as well. You may find that your work time is more productive.

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