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Lend a Hand

If you are able to help some of these organizations while they provide assistance to our community members, consider donating to them or volunteering with them today!

The Montana Food Bank Network

Folks across our state are seeing their paychecks disappear and our Montana food banks are providing meals to more people than ever before. To learn more and find ways to help, visit their website.

Your Local United Way

Many United Way offices across the state are stepping up to help our neighbors in a variety of ways. To find your local office and learn more, visit UnitedWay.org.

American Red Cross of Montana

Concerns about COVID-19 have had a huge impact on blood donations. Now more than ever, if you are healthy and able to donate blood, consider making an appointment to donate at a local hospital. Find a place to donate or learn about more ways to help by visiting Montana's Red Cross website.

Your Local Domestic Violence Shelter

It is important to remember that for many Montanans, home is not a safe space. With more folks out of work or working from home, more victims of domestic violence are unable to use school or work to escape their abuser. Consider making a donation to your local shelter while we work together to protect our neighbors. Visit MCADSV.com to find your local shelter.

Suicide Prevention Efforts

Social distancing is hard, but for folks who struggle with their mental health, social distancing can feel incredibly isolating. Consider a donation to AFSP Montana so they can step up their work making sure folks who are struggling in our communities are supported.

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