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Caterpillar Races!

It’s spring time! Plants are growing. Flowers are blooming and butterflies are making their appearance. Butterflies make me think of caterpillars and a fun craft activity for any age - caterpillar races!

With just a few simple materials, you can make your very own paper caterpillar. Then, race yours against your family and friends!

You’ll need:

  • Paper: any kind of paper will work.

  • Scissors

  • Markers, pen, crayons or pencil

  • Straw**

You will start by cutting your paper into 1.5 inch strips. I used an 8.5’’ by 11’’ piece of white paper, and turned it horizontally and folder the paper in half three times to make 8 strips. I was able to make 8 caterpillars. With one of the strips, fold it in half, crease it, then unfold. Next, fold one side of the strip in half. Then, fold the same side in half again, keep folded! Repeat on the other side. Next, fold two halves together, and press to make sure everything is creased well. Then, you will cut all four corners so that the left and right sides are curved. Once you have made the cuts, you can unfold everything.

Now, draw a face on one of the ends. Next, draw a shape on the 3rd section from the bottom. Any shape you can easily draw will work: heart, star, triangle, circle, square, etc.

Next, decorate your caterpillars! (You can also leave them un-decorated if you wish). No matter how you decorate your caterpillar, make sure you can still see the small shape you drew on the third section from the end.

Your caterpillar is now ready to race! Stand your caterpillar back up and blow on the shape with a straw to help it move!

**What if you don’t have a straw? No Problem! You can wrap a piece of paper tightly around the pen or marker you used to draw on your caterpillar. Tape the paper and slide the pen out.

Check out a sample video of my racing caterpillars for visual instructions.

Happy teaching!

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