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Melissa Romano named Montana Teacher of the Year

"Romano says she wants to use her position to advocate for increased educational opportunities like expanded access to preschool."

Melissa Romano, 2018 

“She goes out of her way every day to contribute to her students and her colleagues to make her school a better place to teach & learn,” said Elder.

On investing in young learners ... 2018 Montana Teacher of the Year, Melissa Romano

“When we’re talking about equity, that starts early,” she says. “All really does mean all.” She believes that all students need an opportunity to succeed, and that those opportunities happen early: “We need to invest in our young learners.”

Helena teacher Melissa Romano running again for MT Superintendent of Public Instruction

“Montana parents want a champion for their kids and as Montana’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will be that champion,” she said.

Romano to take another run at top education job in 2020

As a Montana teacher leader and proud public school educator, I believe all children deserve the opportunity to be prepared for the future with a quality education. Montana students need a fierce leader in their superintendent, who will advocate every day on their behalf." 

To Argue Melissa Romano Is More Qualified Than Elsie Arntzen is Incorrect

Romano is not “more” qualified; she is qualified.

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Elsie Arntzen Cheers For a $30 Million Cut for Montana’s Public Schools

Montana needs a real champion for public education. Montana needs to elect Melissa Romano. Throw her some support today to support the schools that support us all.

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Our Interview with Melissa Romano, Who Plans to Put the Public Back in the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Office

Romano told us that she’s kept busy during the outbreak, developing a blog to help teachers and educators transition to online learninga social media campaign to celebrate teachers, and a twice-weekly program of reading aloud for kids

Campaigning amid coronavirus: Candidates look for new ways to connect

"Story Time with Melissa is really one small way I'm trying to give parents some time to relax a little bit and provide kids with some entertainment," Romano told CBS News. 

Romano advocates for Montana schools and kids

Melissa Romano has shown herself to be a great advocate of both [Montana schools and Montana kids].

Romano is my choice for superintendent

Melissa Romano is my choice for superintendent of public instruction. I believe this position requires someone who believes in public education and sees the need for mental health services for our students.

Romano committed to school excellence

Public education is one such trust responsibility. Nothing is more important to protecting our Montana public schools than electing a superintendent who will work to make our public schools as good as they can be. 

Letters to the editor May 28 

Melissa Romano’s leadership and promotion of quality public education for all students makes her an excellent candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. We need her to defend public education in Montana, especially during this period of health crisis and school closures



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Karen Moses, Treasurer