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Melissa Romano named Montana Teacher of the Year

"Romano says she wants to use her position to advocate for increased educational opportunities like expanded access to preschool."

Melissa Romano, 2018 

“She goes out of her way every day to contribute to her students and her colleagues to make her school a better place to teach & learn,” said Elder.

On investing in young learners ... 2018 Montana Teacher of the Year, Melissa Romano

“When we’re talking about equity, that starts early,” she says. “All really does mean all.” She believes that all students need an opportunity to succeed, and that those opportunities happen early: “We need to invest in our young learners.”

Helena teacher Melissa Romano running again for MT Superintendent of Public Instruction

“Montana parents want a champion for their kids and as Montana’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction, I will be that champion,” she said.

Romano to take another run at top education job in 2020

As a Montana teacher leader and proud public school educator, I believe all children deserve the opportunity to be prepared for the future with a quality education. Montana students need a fierce leader in their superintendent, who will advocate every day on their behalf." 

To Argue Melissa Romano Is More Qualified Than Elsie Arntzen is Incorrect

Romano is not “more” qualified; she is qualified.

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Elsie Arntzen Cheers For a $30 Million Cut for Montana’s Public Schools

Montana needs a real champion for public education. Montana needs to elect Melissa Romano. Throw her some support today to support the schools that support us all.

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Our Interview with Melissa Romano, Who Plans to Put the Public Back in the Superintendent of Public Instruction’s Office

Romano told us that she’s kept busy during the outbreak, developing a blog to help teachers and educators transition to online learninga social media campaign to celebrate teachers, and a twice-weekly program of reading aloud for kids

Campaigning amid coronavirus: Candidates look for new ways to connect

"Story Time with Melissa is really one small way I'm trying to give parents some time to relax a little bit and provide kids with some entertainment," Romano told CBS News. 

Romano advocates for Montana schools and kids

Melissa Romano has shown herself to be a great advocate of both [Montana schools and Montana kids].

Romano is my choice for superintendent

Melissa Romano is my choice for superintendent of public instruction. I believe this position requires someone who believes in public education and sees the need for mental health services for our students.

Romano committed to school excellence

Public education is one such trust responsibility. Nothing is more important to protecting our Montana public schools than electing a superintendent who will work to make our public schools as good as they can be. 

Letters to the editor May 28 

Melissa Romano’s leadership and promotion of quality public education for all students makes her an excellent candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. We need her to defend public education in Montana, especially during this period of health crisis and school closures

Montana Candidates Look Forward to Campaigning in Person

“I think it’s imperative that we have a leader in the office who will show up at the Legislature and be an advocate for our students,” Romano said.

Romano for superintendent of public instruction

This pandemic has demonstrated what an awesome and difficult job our public schools perform. Putting it all back together once this is all over will be difficult. Luckily we have someone up to the task in Melissa Romano. 

Support Romano and invest in Montana's future

Montana needs a leader at the helm of the Office of Public Instruction who understands the multifaceted benefits of public preschool; [and] has the professional wherewithal to lead the development of a robust, statewide program.... For those reasons, I strongly endorse Melissa Romano for Superintendent of Montana’s Office of Public Instruction.

Supreme Court Rules Montana Program Can't Leave Out Religious Schools

... Melissa Romano said the U.S. high court ruling opens the door for public school resources to support private schools.

Montana reacts to U.S. Supreme Court decision

“Montanans should be alarmed by the chipping away of our state Constitution, and the blatant attacks pro-privatization advocates are launching on public education," Romano said.

Vote for a Champion of Educators

Melissa Romano has demonstrated her commitment to our public school system and our children time and time again. Her campaign has over a thousand different donors with her primary base of support being educators. As someone running for the top education job in the state of Montana this speaks volumes.

Romano is a tireless, dedicated instructor

Romano will champion instituting a public preschool option, and ensure our children have access to mental health services within the school system. As a member of the state land board, she is committed to protecting our public lands. She is the voice we need to protect our children, public schools and Montana's future.

Decision could put schools at risk

The court's decision poses real risks to public education, but it’s just one of several battles in a longer war to defend public education in Montana. Attacks on our schools will not stop until we elect public school advocates at every level of government who aren’t afraid to stand up for all children.

Romano will put public schools first

...Melissa Romano has joined the calls to "Mask up Montana." She holds virtual storytime. She shares information on how to safely reopen schools. She served as our Montana Teacher of the Year. We need a superintendent who will do the job for which they are elected. Melissa Romano will put our public schools first.

Romano the right choice for Montana’s kids, schools

We need to elect a strong and effective superintendent of public instruction. Melissa Romano is an experienced, award-winning teacher. She is committed to improving our public education and supporting the public-school teachers who are the backbone of the system

Romano will restore state’s commitment to education

Montana’s public education system gives children an equitable chance for a great education. To keep it that way we need a superintendent of education who will ensure that our taxes are focused on our public schools, which, in turn, benefits all Montanans. That person is Melissa Romano.

Romano the best candidate to lead Montana’s schools

She is a strong advocate for early education. Research shows when we invest in early learners with public pre-school, those students do much better in elementary and high school. The end result is a strong economy.

Arntzen’s support for public education is a myth

In November, we have the opportunity to replace Arntzen with Melissa Romano, someone with a career teaching in Montana’s public schools. Romano will work to keep public funds in public schools and protect the health of our school children. In November, please vote for Melissa Romano, a true believer in public education.

Letter to the editor: Arntzen checked herself out of conversation

... [K]eep our children out of Elsie Arntzen’s politics with your vote for Master Teacher Melissa Romano, 2018 Teacher of the Year for Montana Superintendent of Public Instruction. With your vote you give voice to our children.

Romano will fight for school funding

Montana also needs Romano's amazing credentials -- math teacher 18 years, 2018 Teacher of the Year, National Science Foundation Presidential Excellence Award in Math and Science, etc.

Throw Out the Playbook: Candidates Have Had to Adapt on the Fly Politicking in a Pandemic

The challenges have led many candidates to innovate with virtual events and online video, like Montana candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Melissa Romano, who reads stories to children on Facebook.

No public money for private schools

The other candidate, newcomer Melissa Romano, supports keeping our tax dollars paying for our public schools and not using that money for private school education. If you support strong, effective Montana public schools, give Melissa a chance. (Did you know Melissa was selected Montana Teacher of the Year in 2018?) 

Voices: Educators call for change in Office of Public Instruction, back Melissa Romano

We are confident Romano would understand how her decisions as State Superintendent would impact our children in their classrooms. She will advocate for our public schools to ensure the Montana Constitutional requirement that every child has access to a quality public education. That’s why we, and other educators we know, support her for State Superintendent.

Dem gov candidate Cooney unveils education plan

Cooney was joined at the news conference by his running mate, former public school teacher Casey Schreiner, Democratic superintendent of schools candidate Melissa Romano, and Amanda Curtis, the president of the Montana Federation of Public Employees and a former teacher.

Student debt, early ed and teacher talent top Cooney’s public education plan

“Now is not the time to cut corners in our children’s education,” Romano said. “The benefits of preschool extend well beyond daily child care. It gives our children an important introduction to school. For many children, it provides an opportunity to become familiar with the math, reading and social skills they need to be successful once they enter kindergarten.”

Cooney unveils education plan for 'brighter' future in Montana

Romano told the crowd “we must commit ourselves to invest in every child.” She said such programs provided children with a safe and positive learning environment and gives an encouraging introduction to schools and helps students prepare for a brighter future.

Superintendent candidates clash over MIA and bully claims

“I’m not a career politician, I am a mom, a union member and a very proud public school teacher,” Romano said. “I can think of no better job than to wake up every day and advocate for our children.”

MTN Debate: OPI candidates Arntzen and Romano discuss education priorities

“Every student in our state deserves a leader at the Office of Public Instruction, someone who’s going to show up and advocate for them,” said Romano. “So I will be very present at the Legislature, and I will be advocating for bills that would benefit Montana students. I will be opposing bills that are detrimental to Montana’s public school system.”

Romano has heart, character

Melissa Romano has made a difference in the lives of many of her students. If elected, she will bring her heart and character to the Office of Public Instruction. She will make a difference in the lives of all Montanans by championing our public schools and ensuring all students have access to a quality education.

Romano will put 'public' back in Superintendent of Public Instruction

Melissa Romano is an award-winning teacher. She has shared resources for teachers and led story-time for young learners throughout the spring and summer. She attended Mike Cooney’s event detailing his push for universal Pre-K. She has plans for teacher mentoring. To quote Romano, I am looking forward to her “putting the ‘public’ back into the Superintendent of Public Instruction.”

Public schools matter

Melissa Romano is a very accomplished public school teacher whose career is simply amazing. She is dedicated to her students and takes quite seriously her responsibility to give every child who enters her classroom the skills and education that will follow them through life. If you talk to her about her students, she just lights up; she is deeply dedicated and enthusiastic. Melissa is now a spectacular candidate for the Montana State Superintendent of Public Instruction, so please pay careful attention to the position she is seeking.

Support for Romano

Romano has ideas about how to tackle the issue of teacher recruitment, which has reached a critical level recently. She also supports a stronger preschool program that would help children become familiar with math, reading and social skills they need to be successful once they enter kindergarten.

Romano committed to public education

This is why I will vote for Melissa Romano for state superintendent. She will take the lead in advocating for students, parents and teachers and she is well-liked by her fellow colleagues across the state. Her commitment to top quality public education is unsurpassed.

Backing Romano

Melissa Romano is the most dedicated educator that I have ever met. She has been a public school teacher in her hometown of Helena, MT for almost 16 years. She was the Montana Teacher of the Year in 2018 and was awarded the Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching. In addition, Melissa has become a Master Teacher at BetterLesson, coaching other educators to be the best they can be.

Supports Romano as education champ

In contrast, Romano has stepped up to the plate in the era of COVID-19. Romano has created a blog called, Teaching Together, for teachers and parents to utilize, hosts Story Time on a weekly basis, and honors teachers making a difference with her Celebrate Teachers program. Romano will restore leadership to the Office of Superintendent come this fall.

Kids may need some help during pandemic, Montana mental health experts say

Romano plugged a campaign priority; as superintendent, she said that she would push for social-emotional learning standards. A 2018 analysis by the National Conference of State legislatures found that 15 states have such standards for grades K-12. Other states typically have them for preschool only. 

Letter to the editor: Romano will protect our greatest asset

Melissa Romano clearly communicates her vision for supporting and bettering Montana’s public schools. We need a person who speaks for and acts in support of Montana’s greatest resource — our children. However, Romano can’t do it alone. Her ability to work with others will allow her to build a cohesive team at OPI unlike the current superintendent who has seen staff at OPI leave in unprecedented numbers because of her lack of leadership.

Zoom or bust: Some Montana candidates turn to virtual meeting platform to campaign

Romano believes now, with virtual meetings, she can be in touch with more people. She could have an event with people in Great Falls, for example, and then another with people in Miles City all in the same evening. “In 2016, criss-crossing the state was something that I really enjoyed, but it was very taxing,” Romano said. “There is sort of an ease of being able to hop on virtually.”

Arntzen has failed to move Montana forward

The success and future of Montana children rests in your hands. Please vote for Melissa Romano for Superintendent of Public Schools. 

Supporting Romano

Romano has the support of teachers, administrators and parents. She is smart, articulate, and experienced, and she will work for the kids of Montana,.... Please join me in November in voting for Melissa Romano as our next Superintendent of Public Instruction.

Democrat candidates court tribal voters at candidate rally in Pablo

“I know what goes on in our public schools. Education is my life and my passion,” Romano said. “I will be a vocal advocate for public education and that has not happened the last three years. Now more than ever we need a leader that shows up every day and be a strong advocate of public institutions.”  

Romano's experience and passion will help Montana schools

Having a superintendent who supports good education bills in the legislature…and stands up against bad ones…is important. Melissa Romano will work with teachers, school boards, parents, other agencies and elected officials to keep the needs of our students at the forefront when decisions are made. Teachers support Melissa Romano because she will speak up for our students at every opportunity. 

Romano's a strong advocate for public education

Romano is a strong advocate for public education. She champions the idea of local control of schools and the importance of early childhood education. Romano, a National Science award winner has helped write the Montana math and science curriculum, and has worked in the classroom to help students achieve those standards. She is committed to keeping Montana’s public schools public and understands the importance of investing in our schools and our kids.



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