Montana Conservation Voters (MCV)

"Montana Conservation Voters is excited to support Melissa Romano in her race to be Montana’s next Superintendent of Public Instruction. She is a champion of our public lands, our clean air, our clean water, and our outdoor recreation economy. Melissa will serve all Montanans well as a statewide leader and be a strong voice for conservation on the Land Board. Current superintendent Elsie Arntzen is failing to expand access to public lands and Montanans deserve better."

Montana Federation of Public Employees

"Most Montanans are like Melissa Romano. They feel an intense commitment to our kids’ futures and their public schools. Unfortunately, our current Superintendent of Schools doesn’t seem to share those values. On the other hand, we have Melissa Romano who is an award-winning teacher and leader. She represents Montana values and has proven that she will work every day for every student and defend our state’s commitment to public education.

Parents, educators, and, most importantly, our kids are ready for a Superintendent who will take the job seriously and be a tireless advocate for public education. Without question, Romano is that person.”

Montana Sportsmen Alliance

"The Montana Sportsmen Alliance is proud to endorse Melissa Romano for Montana Superintendent Of Public Instruction. We have known Melissa for some time and have endorsed her before. She shares our values. She knows and understands the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation, the Montana Model, and the Public Trust Doctrine. She understands the importance of her position on the Land Board and shares our desire for more public access. Both fee title and Conservation Easements are part of that process and deserve the attention of board members without playing politics!"


“EMILY's List is proud to endorse Melissa Romano for Superintendent of Public Instruction in Montana. Melissa is an experienced public school teacher, educational trainer, and local leader who has the drive and passion to ensure Montana's students receive the best possible education. With the COVID-19 crisis affecting classrooms across Montana, Melissa launched programs with the goal of providing assistance and resources to teachers and parents as they tackle the complexities of online instruction. Melissa's number one priority is the success of Montana's future generations,” said Geri Prado, vice president of state and local campaigns at EMILY's List.

The Brotherhood of Maintenance of Way Employees Division of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (BMWED-IBT)

"Melissa is precisely the person Montana needs to head the office of State Superintendent of Public Instruction. Melissa is an active and strong leader in the education field who firmly believes all children should the opportunity to prepare themselves for a better future. Melissa’s work and dedication speak for itself; she was named Montana’s Teacher of the Year in 2018 and received a Nation Science Foundation award for mathematics education in 2012. Without a doubt, Melissa is the right person for the job. With proud enthusiasm, the BMWED-IBT supports Melissa Romano as the Candidate for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in Montana."

Big Sky 55+

"Big Sky 55+ endorses Melissa Romano for state superintendent. Not only does she have outstanding experience as a Montana educator, but she also trains fellow teachers and facilitates the development of curriculum. Her depth of knowledge within the educational field exemplifies why she is the best choice to lead Montana schools. Our children are our future, and we must ensure they have access to a quality education and essential services so they go on to preserve everything that makes Montana the Last Best Place for generations to come."

Carol's List

"The coronavirus pandemic is showing us that leadership matters. Carol's List is proud to endorse Melissa Romano for state superintendent because she has proven herself to not only be a fiercely compassionate leader, but also a powerful advocate for our students, teachers and public schools. We have no doubt that Melissa will fight for a fairer, more equitable Montana for us all."

3.14 Action

"314 Action is thrilled to endorse Melissa Romano for State Superintendent of Public Instruction in Montana. In the last few months as states across the country have navigated the coronavirus pandemic, we have seen the huge importance of electing leaders who respect science and look to data in their decision making. As the recipient of the National Science Foundation’s “Presidential Award for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching,” and having earned her degree in the study of science, Melissa is uniquely qualified to lead Montana’s public education system through the challenges that need to be addressed as states recover from this pandemic. As a STEM candidate, Romano has the experience to develop and implement quality, evidence-based solutions to solve problems. She will be instrumental in leading Montana students and schools forward to a brighter future."

Montana Progressive Democrats

"Montana Progressive Democrats proudly endorses Melissa Romano for State Superintendent of Public Instruction. We believe she is the best candidate to protect and enhance Montana’s public schools. Her dedication to ensuring all students have access to a quality education is paramount for equity and justice for all Montanans. Melissa is a fierce advocate for public preschool, mental health, teacher retention, and many other valuable programs our children need to thrive. Melissa’s experience and passion for teaching make her the best candidate to protect our public schools and children for generations to come."

Montana AFL-CIO

"Melissa Romano was the clear choice for the Montana AFL-CIO in this race. Melissa is committed to providing every student in Montana with the quality education they deserve. Melissa also knows the best way to ensure these opportunities is through strong teachers unions that allow our public educators to fight for their students, focus on their jobs and to collectively bargain for their benefits."



PO Box 6985, Helena, MT 59604
Karen Moses, Treasurer